Genealogy of the
 Spoon Family

  John Alvin Spoon, his wife Laura and their seven children, about 1916 on their farm in Kansas.

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Welcome to the Spoon genealogy page. We are currently reconstructing the original page, for which much data was lost. Our goal is to provide a resource for research and information about the ancestors of Douglas Wayne Spoon. My grandfather Cleo Harvey Spoon is pictured in the upper right corner of this page. This site will also include information on the Wolfe family -- the author's maternal side. If you have questions or information to provide us, use the "Contact us" form on this site.

Feature Articles

feature 1 My mission in family history research My name is Doug Spoon. Growing up, I always figured with a name like that, I was the only Doug Spoon in the world. But since I started researching my family history in the late 1990s, coinciding with the advent of the internet, I now know there are at least four other Doug Spoons in the United States. Simply put, my mission is constantly expanding. (Click on the link to read more).

feature 2 The Lofflers of Hohenhaslach The Spoon family has its roots in Germany, where the family Loffler (loffel is German for Spoon) lived for generations in a village called Hohenhaslach, dating back at least to the 1500s. We trace the earliest available information in this article, originally published as Chapter 1 in the Spoon Family history book. (Click on the link to read more)

feature 3 Our ancestors' final years in Germany Researchers aren’t sure why the Löffler family moved from its longtime homeland of Hohenhaslach about 35 miles northwest to the town of Sinsheim, but records show three Loffler brothers had sailed separately to America by the 1740s. (Click on the link to read more)

feature 4 "John the Immigrant" The Loffler brothers' years in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania were marked by their activity in the Trinity Lutheran Church. Before long, however, at least some of them were headed to North Carolina. (Click on the link to read more).

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